Grand Slam Qualification, Bratislava 14.03.2019 - 15.03.2019

We are kindly inviting you to

Grand Slam Qualification tournament

14. – 15. 03. 2019

Venue: Hotel Viktor, Kremnická 26, Bratislava

14.03.2019 (Thursday)
10:30 1. round
14:30 2. round
17:30 3. round

15.03.2019 (Friday)
10:30 4. round
14:30 5. round
17:00 Ending ceremony

MacMahon, no handicap, 7.5 komi, chinese rules
basic time 60 minutes, 3x30 byoyomi

Eligible to play:
All players not already qualified with EGD-rating 2551 or higher can start
Additional all players who won Bonus Points in 2018 can start

Prices: First 2 spots get a seat at the 2019 Grand Slam tournament.

Hotel Viktor***, (right at the venue)
Price: 45€ +city tax per night for a double room (22,5€ per person),
In case of interest, please choose accommodation in registration form and write an e-mail with details.
Please do so until 15th of February, we can not guarantee free rooms with this price later.

Via registration system here:

List of registered players:
List of players can be viewed here:

Pavol Lisý & Soňa Lisá
phone: +421903068404

Players are also welcome to play at the 2nd Kedros Cup weekend tournament.

In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us :-)


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