Slovak Go Festival 2019


 Go Sparťan

Dear Go Friends! 
We are honored to invite you to the 14th annual:
Slovak Go Festival
7. - 9. 6. 2019
3-days event! Participants coming from remote places can arrive on Thursday 6th 
Kamenný Mlyn (GPS 48°21'41.3"N, 17°1'3.27"E)
The recreation hotel is placed in nice nature surroundings (
By car: From Bratislava 25 km on highway D2/E65, exit Lozorno/Zohor; From direction Kúty 35 km on highway D2/E65, exit Zohor
By train: Station Plavecký Štvrtok, transport from the station to Kamenný Mlyn can be arranged upon request.
Open Slovak Rengo Championship
Open Slovak Championship in Blitz Go
Weekend Tournament
Relay Go, Go Spartan, Auction
Bonfire – Thursday evening
Goulash party – Friday evening
Raut – Saturday evening
Bio swimming pool
Mini-golf, Petang, Table-tennis, Football, Beach Volleyball,
Cyclotourism, trips to the countryside, Golf course nearby


 SCHEDULE (6.6.2019 - 9.6.2019) 

Day From To Program
Thursday 16:00 22:00 Presentation of Participants
  18:00 20:00 Volleyball, fun upon imagination
  20:00 24:00 Bonfire
Friday   8:30   9:30 Presentation of Participants; finalization of registration for Rengo Championship and Slovak Pairgo Championship
    9:50 10:00 Opening of Slovak Go Festival
  10:00 12:00 Open Slovak Rengo Championship + Slovak Pairgo Championship – 1st round
  12:00 13:00 Lunch
  13:00 15:00 Open Slovak Rengo Championship + Slovak Pairgo Championship – 2nd round
  15:30 17:30 Open Slovak Rengo Championship + Slovak Pairgo Championship – 3rd round
  18:00   Goulash
  19:00 21:00 Weekend Tournament opening, 1st round (registration ends 18:30)
  21:30   Bonfire- party with guitar
Saturday   8:30 10:30 Weekend Tournament 2nd round
  11:00 13:00 Weekend Tournament 3rd round
  13:00 14:00 Lunch
  14:00 16:00 Open Slovak Championship in Blitz Go (registration ends 13:30)
  16:00 19:00 Go Spartan
  19:00   2:00 Raut & fun
  20:00   Prize giving Rengo Championship, Pairgo Championship, Blitz Go Championship; Gollar auction
  21:30   Relay Go contest for 20 beers
Sunday    9:00 11:00 Weekend Tournament 4th round
  11:30 13:30 Weekend Tournament 5th round
  14:00   Prize giving Weekend Tournament


Open Slovak Rengo Championship: Pairs of choice, The organizers will provide a pair of adequate rank to each participant if he/she will not find one himself/herself. MacMahon, 3 rounds, supergroup 8 pairs, no handicap, 6,5 komi, time 45’, no byoyomi.
Guaranteed prize: 1st place 60,- EUR, 2nd place 30,- EUR, 3rd place 20,- EUR.
Slovak Pairgo Championship: Will be played within the Rengo tournament (for rules see, 1st prize 30,- EUR

Open Slovak Championship in Blitz Go: MacMahon, 4 rounds, supergroup 16 players, no handicap, 6,5 komi, time 12’ per player per game, no byoyomi.
Guaranteed prize: 1st place 40,- EUR, 2nd place 20,- EUR, 3rd place 10,- EUR, for 4 points 10,- EUR

Weekend tournament GP Slovakia and Czech Gobanleague: MacMahon, 5 rounds, no handicap, 6,5 komi, time 45’ per player per game, 2 x 30” byoyomi or 30 moves per 10 minutes repeatedly.
Guaranteed prize: 1st place 100,- EUR, 2nd place 60,- EUR, 3rd place 40,- EUR, 4th place 20,- EUR, 5 points 20,- EUR, 4 points 10,- EUR, best single-digit kyu 20,- EUR, best double-digit kyu 10,- EUR.


Free games: Go sets with clock will be at the players‘ disposal.
Go Spartan: Team competition to test your Go as well as physical abilities.
Relay Go: match of festival participating countries’ national teams, winners get 20 beers
Gollar competitions: During Festival, there will be various games happening (mainly for children, but for adults as well). In these games you will win Gollars (special Go currency), for which you will be able to “buy“ interesting things in an auction which will take place on Saturday evening. Last, but not least, you can look forward to treasure hunting!


Bonfire – Thursday: Outside, sausages and bread will be provided for free.
Goulash party - Friday: In the restaurant area with terrace (2 portions for 6,00 EUR) 
Raut - Saturday: In the restaurant area with terrace and outside by the fire till 2:00 AM. Sweddish buffet including roasted piglet, strudel and other specialities, kofola associated with competitions evaluation and Gollar auction (10,00 EUR, children till 15 years 7,00 EUR).


Bio-pool Borovica: Attractive pool with natural heating and water filtration, entry for accommodated guests 4,-EUR / day. Pool is open from 10:00 to 20:00 in the evening.
Mini-golf: 1,70 EUR per hour.
Petang, table tennis, football, beach volleyball: Petang, table tennis sets, football field and volleyball court will be at your disposal, all for free.
Cyclotourism: Recreational facility Kamenný Mlyn is near cyclo-route which leads to Devin castle and in the other direction to Morava (Czech Republic).
Trips: We recommend Plavecký castle, Devin castle, or golf in nearby Golf club.


Adults                           14,- EUR
Students up to 26 yrs      6,- EUR
Children up to 15 yrs       4,- EUR
Members of SAG and CAGO with paid member fee are entitled to 20% discount.

Per player                       4,- EUR

Per player                       4,- EUR


Organizer arranges accommodation in Recreational facility Kamenný Mlyn to registered players:
4-bed bungalow                         10,00 EUR per person per night
3-bed room                               13,50 EUR per person per night
2-bed room, higher standard      17,50 EUR per person per night
2-bed room, top standard           22,50 EUR per person per night

Latest possible deadline for accommodation reservation is 26.5.2019. After this deadline you need to contact organizers on this email: ( to find out if there are any more rooms available.
We would like to ask all who registered and realize that they are not able to come to let us know on 3.6.2019 the latest. After this deadline no storno is possible and the accommodation needs to be paid for.


Participants arriving on Thursday will get 5 EUR discount on accommodation. This discount is valid only for participants registered before 26.5.2019.


Caravan (own)     17,00 EUR per caravan per night
Tent (own)          10,00 EUR per tent per night
There is additional accommodation tax fee of 0,50 EUR per person per night. Only persons older than 18 yrs pay this tax. Fee for dog is 5,- EUR/night.


There is a restaurant with broad meal offer a la carte. Also, a lunch menu will be available on Friday for 4,00 EUR.


Organizers thank to all who decide to support Slovak Go Festival. Official list of sponsors will be announced during the event.


Tibor Beck, Barbora Waczulíková and Juraj Waczulík