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Slovenská Asociácia Go (SAG) - Slovak Go Association is interest, non-profit organization, which takes care of development of game go in Slovakia. Was established on 5th April 1991. Home office is in Bratislava, in House of Sports, Junácka 6. SAG is member of Confederacion of sports associations (KŠZ), since 1993 is member of European Go Federation (EGF) and since 1994 member of International Go Federation (IGF)

Committee of SAG:
president: Ing. Martin Strelka
members: RNDr. Miroslav Poliak Ing. Ladislav Palenčár Ing. Ivan Oravec Ing. Ján Milián
general sekretary: Ing. Ivan Oravec -

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  • GO-Klub 361! (Textové aktuality!)
    Megabombastics go page (SK, english) - Mat-Fyz fakulta UK, Marián Hrdina (no functional)
  • Arnolds GO-page (SK) - Ľubomír Štulajter, Košice (no functional)
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